Coifer S.r.l. Caravaggio Bergamo

Coifer S.r.l.

From the 1960s, Coifer S.r.l. has been involved with civil and industrial insulations, and since then has operated in all sectors where thermal insulation is of primary importance. The initial company was a small, Genoese artisan business known as ‘La Coibente’ (‘The Insulator’), which operated in the port area of the city of Liguria, as its main activity was then directed at plant design for ships under construction. Subsequently, with the decline in shipbuilding Genoa, the company moved to Monfalcone, a new installation area for the naval sector, and remained there until the '70s. Its arrival in Caravaggio coincided with obtaining a large order for a local company.

Although Pietro Ferrari founded and managed the company in its first twenty years of activity, his son Alberto was able to learn a set of knowledge and skills in the field during his school years that would allow him later to develop new applications and form the Coifer company.

This first work in his father’s business was followed by a few years in the oil producing countries of Algeria, Nigeria and Kuwait. During this experience abroad, Alberto Ferrari further consolidated his technical background with a range of specific knowledge in the field of insulation of under- and above-ground oil pipelines, cracking columns and the whole series of pipes that constitute the refineries’ networks, in highly challenging environments in terms of temperature and product.

This experience led to the decision to found Alberto Ferrari’s Coifer, a sole proprietorship working as a subcontractor and carrying out work on various installations: plant engineering, industrial, thermal insulation of refrigeration rooms and pipes, storage tanks, distillation columns, furnaces, oil pipelines, etc.

The transformation took place in the 1980s when this sole proprietorship became COIFER SRL, with a new legal company status, now consolidated, and began to procure insulation work directly from large organisations and to come into direct contract with the customer and final user.

From that time Coifer was no longer a one-man band but widened its activity offering the customer planning and design, purchase of the equipment necessary to carry out the work and testing of the plant.

Although the primary sector during the 1980s was mainly the industrial and chemical industry, in the 90s a new and very interesting market with great potential opened up: that of the wine and food sector.

Today, this particular business sector accounts for the majority of the activity of Coifer Srl.

During its thirty years activity, Coifer Srl has developed numerous contacts with leading companies, manufacturers of tanks intended for wine and food, and this has led to expansion of the network, increasing the reputation of the company and the professional skills of its personnel in various regions of Italy and abroad.

Although most of its activity continues to take place in Italy, thanks to the development of these contacts and the outstanding work done in recent decades, Coifer Srl won a major contract with an Irish brewery for insulation on site of numerous tanks for use in the expansion of its beverage production.

This work, which lasted about two years between 2006-2007, was an excellent test for the company that has also demonstrated organisation and efficiency at an international level.

With regard to future developments, the company offers professional services that focus on the emerging sector of oil tanks for the production of biofuels, in particular biofuel derived from the agribusiness.

There are many innovations that Coifer Srl has been able to make to the insulation industry, particularly in solving the various problems associated with the storage of liquids or fluids in tanks positioned outdoors and then subject to atmospheric factors, such as temperatures that are too high or too low, which can influence the content and shelf-life in the tanks, or the need to maintain the product at a certain temperature for easy pumping.

These gasification/regasification tanks highlight some of the many problems that may be encountered in this area. To every problem Coifer Srl has responded with appropriate technologies, solutions found and materials researched, and has designed innovative processing procedures that have become common even among competitors.